Life is a Circus Bundle
Life is a Circus Bundle
Cape Cod Paws

Life is a Circus Bundle

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"Life is a circus and I'm stuck in the dog tent."
  • Life is a circus bundle comes with a snap on reversible bandana.
  • comes with plush toys that will fulfill your dog’s hunting instincts. Cute characters are good for your doggies’ mental health as they get brain exercise during interactive play. The squeaky sound is designed to burn energy and release stress as well as to keep them entertained.
  • treat: Ingredients: organic garbanzo bean flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, cinnamon. (Grain free)Icing is yogurt powder and safe for dogs. It does not contain sugar. It is gluten free and contains dairy. Ingredients: yogurt powder, non fat milk powder, tapioca starch, egg whites, apple pectin, titanium dioxide.

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